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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?​

Please visit the page "Purchase Location".

About returns and refunds

We are sorry that no refunds are available.


Please visit our store in Kwun Tong for product replacement if there are damages in your product ; the replacement period will be 10 days start from the purchase date of the goods. 

-Customers must bring along the receipt to Kwun Tong for product replacement,

-Replacement service is only limited to the functional problems of the goods during the return period; (it does not include             man- made damage or other damage)

-Returned goods must be preserved in a brand new status and packaged,otherwise they will not be accepted;

-Our shop owns the right to return and exchange goods with customers, despite of the color of the products.

-In case of any dispute, reserves the right of final decision. For other terms and conditions, please refer to the         terms of use.


Thank you for shopping with us!

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